Noida Was Shaken By a Strong Earthquake of 20 to 25 Seconds

Residents of Noida and Delhi were awakened early on Wednesday morning by pretty strong vibrations caused by an earthquake that was thought to have its epicentre in Nepal. Authorities report that the nearby towns of Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi in India’s capital felt a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6. Tuesday, November 8, saw earthquake in Noida for the second straight day following a 4.5-magnitude quake that hit Nepal early in the morning.

Report by National Centre for Seismology:

The border area between Afghanistan and Tajikistan saw an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 around 9:45 am, according to the National Centre for Seismology. It stated that the earthquake was 181 kilometres deep.

Earthquake in Noida

The earthquake in Noida felt in a number of areas in Uttar Pradesh. The epicentre of the earthquake, according to the officials, was in Dipayal, Nepal. Someone who has had these sensations since last night would be concerned for their protection. Depending on how devastating it is, an earthquake may cause damage or even death.

People’s Reaction on Earthquake in Noida:

On Twitter, a lot of people posted videos of themselves and their neighbours scrambling out of their homes and huddling over their smartphones to try to figure out what was happening and where the core was. Some Noida locals posted that there was a minimum 20-second earth shake. Delhi residents also tweeted about feeling the tremor. A resident of the neighbourhood next to Delhi, Shashank Singh, wrote on Twitter that when he suddenly looked at the fan and noticed it was an earthquake, he felt his head twirling and began to close his eyes. Noida experienced intense vibrations for roughly 25 to 30 seconds.

No injuries, fatalities, or destruction of property have been reported. Following earthquake in Noida; Prime Minister Narendra Modi contacted the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to enquire about the condition in the Union Territory, according to official sources.

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