Nitish Kumar is on his way to become the PM of India

Nitish Kumar, the present Chief Minister of Bihar, is very much on his way to becoming the next Prime Minister of India, should the Opposition alliance prevail over the Bhartiya Janata Party in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections scheduled next year. However, there are a few challenges ahead of him that he needs to counter on his way to Delhi.

Nitish Kumar for PM
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Nitish Kumar for PM?

As the Patna Opposition meeting ended with the pledge to work together and meet up next month in Shimla to decide on the seat-sharing formula, Nitish emerged as the facilitator of the bonding between the parties. Among those in the Opposition Meet, he happens to be the most charismatic and accepted leader as he played the biggest role to bring everyone under the same roof.

Nitish Kumar – The odds

As the Patna Opposition meeting ended with the pledge that the Opposition parties would continue to work together to oust the BJP Government and meet up in Shimla to plan the next phase and strategies, the most important part of the fight happens to be the Unity of the Opposition. The Congress, which happens to be the only Opposition party with a Pan India Presence, happens to be at loggerheads with the Samajwadi Party in UP, AAP and TMC in West Bengal. Nitish Kumar needs to do his bit in getting these parties to work together, which happens to be his biggest challenge.

The recently concluded Opposition meeting had quite a few regional parties joining them, but it was also devoid of a few crucial regional players like BJD from Odisha, the JD(S) from Karnataka, BSP from UP and also the YSRCP and TDP in Andhra Pradesh. Getting them in line will boost the Opposition’s chances exponentially, as Nitish very well knows.

However, the most important aspect of the General Elections next year will be the fact that BJP will leave no stone unturned to restrict its influence in its state and nullify its effect outside. The communal and the governance issues remain his greatest threats and the precision in which he handles the same during the elections will determine his fate.


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