Kangana Ranaut Twitter posts are back after prolonged absence

Kangana Ranaut Twitter handle is active again after a gap of more than 1.5 years. Although mysterious to an extent as far as her absence is concerned, she is back with a bang. Kangana Ranaut did announce her return to the micro-blogging platform with a greeting attached to her announcement of being back in the manifold. The actor shared a few short videos taken during the shooting of her upcoming movie “Emergency”.

Kangana Ranaut Twitter
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Kangana Ranaut Twitter: Upcoming movie promotions.

Her upcoming movie is based on the period of “Emergency” enforced by the-then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and her controversial enforcement of Emergency that deprived the country’s citizens of their fundamental rights including politicians and media persons. Kangana plays the lead role in the movie portraying the character of Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The movie is expected to hit the theatres on 20th October 2023. However, there haven’t been any usual Kangana Ranaut Indian celebrities hot pictures being posted, probably because her upcoming movie storyline is not in sync with the movie’s subject.

The controversy around her

The Kangana Ranaut Twitter comments have been the center of a lot of controversies that she generally stirs up with her media statements and her tweets on the micro-blogging platform which has helped her to be in the limelight successfully, both for the right as well as the wrong reasons. It is rumored that her account was suspended for the said period and the very fact that she is posting her comments on Twitter goes to show that the concerned authorities have lifted the suspension of her account. However, she was greeted gleefully by her fans who replied that they are happy about the fact that their favorite star is back to blogging.

Kangana Ranaut Twitter
Image source: Twitter

As the fans wished her popular indian celebrities news success in the upcoming movie, as they hope that the box office collections of her new movie would surpass “Queen”, where she played the title role. Here’s wishing her all the success on her latest outing!


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