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John Larroquette Night Court is back on screen after 31 years

With the revival of the popular show “ Night Court” after a gap of 31 years, fans seem to be excited as they eagerly wait to revisit the old times with the young John Larroquette, as against the septuagenarian today in the rebooted version of the series. Quite a few members from the initial series, which started in 1984 and continued till 1992, have passed away including one of the lead cast Harry Anderson who played the role of a Judge with the screen name Harry T Stone. There are only 3 casting members alive today, namely, Richard Moll and Marsha Warfield apart from John Larroquette. The executive producer of the series, Melissa Rauch, made her thoughts public on the roping in both Richard Moll and Marsha Warfield apart from John Larroquette in the new boot version new night court cast. It is now evident that the new Night Court cast will be derived from the old one to encash on the nostalgic mood.

John Larroquette Night Court
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John Larroquette Night Court – The Old Series

The comedy that had its viewers laughing their guts out had the weirdest of legal cases featured John Larroquette in the lead role as Dan Fielding who happened to be a lawyer in New York municipal court on screen. John is currently aged 75 years along with other casting members who have been aging gracefully. The series follows the story of the daughter of a Judge and her pursuit to overcome the challenges faced regularly in court from different sections of the society.

The reboot version

The new version will start from where the old one ended 31 years ago, to keep up the nostalgia but a few changes on the plots can be a possibility. The John Larroquette Night Court is produced by Warner Bros, Universal Television and After January productions together with Dan Rubin as the writer and executive producer along with Melissa and Winston Rauch. The complete cast crew hasn’t been finalized as yet and so is the telecast dates.

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