Contact group on iPhone creation for ease of contact access

Contact group on iPhone happen to be a time-saving process when it comes to intimating or communicating to specific group-based contacts like workplace ones, friends from college, etc. The same process of group creation is available on Whatsapp and Facebook as well, but creating a Contact group on iPhone is also facilitated. Till iOS 16, the same feature was available for categorizing through iCloud or by using other 3rd party apps, but the same can now be done on the device using iOS 17.  Listen below are the most effective steps for the Apple operating system Contact Group creation:

Contact group on iPhone creation

  • Open the Phone App and select Contacts.
  • Click on the List option at the top.
  • Select Add List option and choose relevant contacts

Contact group on iPhone

  • Add the relevant names and click Done to complete the group creation.

Contact group on iPhone – Adding new Contacts to the groups

  1. Select the specific contact list.
  2. Click on Add option or sign to add the relevant contact.
  3. Select Done once complete.

Contact group on iPhone removal process

  1. Open the relevant Contact Group
  2. Swipe on the left to remove the contact from the Group.

Contact group on iPhone creation using iCloud

  • Select Contacts on iCloud.
  • Select the Add sign to select the group.

Contact group on iPhone

  • Double-click for group creation and press Enter.

Contact group on iPhone

  • Go back to the contact list and drag the contacts that need to be added to the group.

Contact group on iPhone

Contact group on iPhone removal process using iCloud

  1. Open the Contacts on iCloud.
  2. Select the group from where the Contact needs to be removed.
  3. Select the relevant contact and click Delete.

Sending group emails to the specific contact groups created

  1. Open the Contacts option to view the Contact Group List.
  2. Click on the Mail option on the screen.
  3. Follow the process of mail sending to complete the process.


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