Uzbekistan Cough Syrup Case: 18 Children Died From Indian Cough Syrup

Uzbekistan cough syrup death is the latest news that accuses an Indian pharmaceutical company of being at fault for the deaths of children in their country. The Uzbek Ministry of Health reports that 18 children who had been hospitalized with acute respiratory illness and given cough syrup made by Marion Biotech of Noida, India, perished. Uzbekistan cough syrup case is very similar to the Gambia case. Ethylene glycol, along with di-ethylene glycol, is the same chemical discovered in four Indian-made syrups that have been connected to the deaths in Gambia earlier this year.

Uzbekistan cough syrup
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What is the Uzbekistan Cough Syrup Case?

According to the claims, cold medicine India for Uzbekistan citizens has been responsible for the deaths of 18 of 21 children suffering from acute respiratory illness. According to a press release from the Uzbek Ministry of Health, “it was established that the deceased children had taken this drug at home for 2-7 days, 3-4 times a day, 2.5-5 ml, which exceeds the normal amount of the drug for children”.

Examination of the cold medicine India for Uzbekistan citizens

Preliminary laboratory examinations have confirmed that this batch of Doc-1 Max syrup included ethylene glycol. According to the Uzbek Ministry of Health, “About 1-2 ml/kg of a 95 percent concentrated solution might induce catastrophic changes in the patient’s health, including vomiting, fainting, seizures, cardiovascular issues, and acute kidney failure”. It further claimed that parents and pharmacists were administering syrup to kids at home over the recommended pediatric dose without a doctor’s prescription.

What is the Reaction of India?

In the short term, the Indian government’s health ministry did not respond. On Tuesday, India made public a plan to check a sampling of its pharmaceutical production facilities nationwide, with the goal of maintaining uniformly high-quality standards. However, they did not disclose the identities of these factories. The Uzbekistan cough syrup case developed into a political crisis in India. On Thursday, the Congress said the Modi government must stop bragging about India being a pharmacy to the world. BJP said that Congress, out of spite for Modi, connected the deaths in Uzbekistan and Gambia, despite the fact that the cough syrups in the latter case were ultimately deemed safe. The Indian government’s drug watchdog has contacted their Uzbek counterpart to inquire into the deaths.

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