SSC Exam Scam Bengal leads to 1694 job cancellations

Complying to the High Court Order on the SSC Exam Scam Bengal delivered by Justice Biswajit Basu, the appointment of around 1694 Group –D staff stands cancelled. The order has already reached the District School Inspectors or DI’s waiting to be implemented.

SSC Exam Scam Bengal
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SSC Exam Scam Bengal court updates

Even after the order has been passed waiting to be put into effect, the case will be up in the courts again in the chamber of the Honorable Justice Biswajit Basu on 24 January. All those 1694 candidates who have been allegedly appointed illegally, are party to the case and their petition too will be heard individually in court to ensure a fair process of justice meted out to all the concerned and stakeholders. As confirmed by the presiding judge of the case on the last hearing that happened on 22 December, the final judgment will be delivered after both parties are heard.

CBI Investigation inputs

CBI, the investigating authority in the case, has shared the results of its investigations with the court till now, where it has categorically informed the court that the OMR sheets of all the said number of candidates have been manipulated to increase the numbers secured by the candidates. CBI has also shared the details with the court where blank OMR sheets have been submitted by most of the candidates who have secured the jobs through illegal means. The entire information came to light after the court ordered that the information should be released in the public domain so that the citizens are aware of the level of corruption that has plagued the system. The total list of candidates that have been made public, as per court order and sent to the District Inspectors to comply, shows almost 360 of these candidates are from East Midnapore and 298 from West Midnapore out of the court declared a number of 1694. However, the illegal appointees from the SSC Exam Scam Bengal are spread across the cities and districts all over the state. However, the concerned officials who are supposed to execute the orders to ensure court compliance has repeatedly tried to avoid media interaction.

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