Lucky Plants for households and workplaces

The quest for good fortune has always been a relentless pursuit for mankind. Since pre-historic times man has been involved in search of good fortune and has faced grave challenges as well as prevailed in a few. A more un-adventurous version of the same can be in the form of having Lucky Plants at home or work to invite good fortune or luck. A few of those are mentioned below:

Lucky Plants
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Lucky Plants and Fortune Mascots

  1. Rubber Plants:- These plants have their origin in South and South East Asia including countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. and are considered to be symbols of happiness and wealth in abundance. They are said to filter negative energy from households and can be kept in sunlight for the best results.
  2. Snake Plant:- Goes by the name Sansevieria they do not need much natural light and hence can be kept anywhere in the house. The plant is said to absorb toxic compounds present in the air and act as an air purifier as well thereby radiating positive energy.
  3. Jade Plant:- The plants have coin shaped leaves and are considered to be the symbol of wealth as well as positive energy. These plants don’t need everyday watering to grow or thrive.
  4. Eucalyptus:- Considered to be the go-to plant for positive energy. The plant has a typical minty fragrance and the chemicals present in the plant can purify the air around it.
  5. Bamboo:- Also known as Lucky Bamboo, these Lucky Plants can be a source of positive energy at home apart from the luck factor associated with it. These are typically found in rainforests and are available in stocks.
  6. Money Plant:- The famous ones in this category, are said to be a cure for stress and anxiety and are commonly found in households. However, they need watering and care to bloom to the fullest extent.
  7. Ginseng:- This is a bonsai category plant that is said to radiate positive energy apart from good fortune and mental well-being. They are generally received as gifts also by and for plant enthusiasts.

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