Urfi behind the bars is seen in a video wearing white lingerie

Urfi Javed, the infamous “Bold and Beautiful” of Bollywood has recently shared a video on her Instagram handle where she is seen in her usual bold demeanor. She is seen quoting the words “The way the whole country wants to see me”. The actress is known to quote controversies to hog the limelight has been criticized pretty often not only for her words but also her attire and the latest addition to it is the Urfi behind the bars video.

Urfi behind the bars
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Urfi behind the bars in a video sequence

Urfi Javed was at her rebellious best as she posed for the lenses for a music video in white lingerie while making it clear to her detractors that she would continue to exercise her rights of dress and speech no matter what her critics say, which is evident from her words, “ The way the whole country wants to see me”. The message is aptly illustrated in the music video, the theme of which s centered around freedom of choice and independence to exercise and choose as per one’s liking. The cage in the video signifies the world trying to cage her freedom with their fragile sense of morality.

Controversy Quoted

Her free-spirited soul however, suffered damage while the shooting was underway in Dubai as the cops intervened in the location. The entire team was asked by the law enforcers to stop the shoot immediately since it was happening at a public place, which as per local law is forbidden to be used as a place to shoot. However, conversations led to an amicable solution and the Urfi behind the bars shoot resumed soon enough. Other reliable sources claim that it was her dress that the local cops found objectionable as per the laws of the land.

The actress has been holidaying in the middle east for a while now as her pics in the beaches, along with her friends are very much in circulation on her social media handles. However, words are doing the rounds that she is in Dubai for medical treatment and she might be in serious trouble for this dress fiasco. Trouble or not, she is still in news!


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