Hair Growth Oils that are homemade are integral for winter care

Homemade beauty products can serve as effective alternatives against their branded counterparts, especially when it comes to winter care products. One of the most common product can be Hair Growth Oils that can be effective as far as hair care is concerned. Made from the commonly available domestic products like onions or curry leaves they serve as a worthy substitute to expensive cosmetics in terms of quality as well as price.

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Hair Growth Oils from Onions

Since pre-historic times onions are proven to be an integral and effective option for hair-care especially for those who have long hair. More often researches have proved that onion extracts can not only prevent hair loss but also helps in its growth. Onion juice, boiled with coconut oil and filtered to separate the solid particles serves as the recipe to prepare onion oil.

Curry Leaf Oil

Apart from onions, curry leaves and its extracts is effectively contributes to hair care. It is very useful in preventing hair loss thereby contributing to its healthy growth and upkeep. The presence of antioxidants is the secret behind its effectiveness as a homemade hair-care product. Curry leaf oil is also prepared by mixing and treating it with coconut oil.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla products or its extracts have been used as beauty products since long. Apart from optimizing bowel movements and weight loss , Amla oil is rich in protein and essential nutrients that helps in strengthening and vitalizing hair follicles contributing to its overall maintenance.

Fennel as Hair Growth Oil

Fennel seeds that are rich in minerals are an effective hair care oil that can contribute to long and healthy hair. The minerals including Zinc, iron and Potassium are integral components of the Fennel oil that can be prepared using coconut or olive oil.

The oil prepared by the above methods are generally limited to the hair care and its safekeeping. For best results, they can he applied on the hair roots followed by gentle message for a few hours. However, overnight application is discouraged.

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