Rishabh Pant car accident as he hit the divider while napping

Celebrated Team India wicket-keeper batsman, Rishab Pant met with a serious accident and sustained multiple injuries after he hit the road divider in the Delhi-Haridwar highway near Roorkee, Uttar Pradesh. The Rishabh Pant car accident happened as the cricketer had dozed off momentarily while driving which is believed to be the cause of this fatal accident. The Rishab Pant news of the car accident spread like wildfire as the cricketer was rushed to the nearby hospital by 2 youths and was eventually referred to Max Hospital in Dehradun after first aid.

Rishabh Pant car accident
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Rishabh Pant car accident injuries

As per the cricketer’s own version, a sudden lapse of concentration as he dozed off momentarily, led to the fatal accident in Narsan, Roorkee as he was driving back home from Delhi after the recently concluded Bangladesh tour. 2 young lads who were close-by when the accident happened, rushed to the hospital as the car overturned several times and caught fire instantly. The road divider broke because of the impact of the collision as the car was presumed to be at a very high speed. The cricketer is reported to have fractured his leg and sustained injuries on his back and forehead as per reports from the Hospital authority. The Police Super of the concerned district (Dehat), Mr. Swapan Kishore Singh is said to have visited the spot to assess the situation. The car in which the Rishab Pant accident happened is said to have been charred completely as it caught fire as a result of the accident.

Public Response

As Rishab Pant news of the accident caught the attention of the nearby locals, they went busy clicking pictures and shooting videos of the same and started posting them on social media. Also, a dairy which is said to be very close to the exact location of the accident had CCTV cameras installed which captured the gradual unfolding of the Rishabh Pant car accident. The cricketer, however, was lucky that there was not much traffic during that time on the road and fortunately no other cars were approaching from the opposite end. The cricketer’s condition is reported to be stable currently after initial treatment in the Dehradun hospital.

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