Cardio vs Weight Lifting, What’s more effective in weight loss?

For those, who consider physical fitness as religion, has often resorted to cardiovascular training to stay fit and lose weight as it burns more calories. However, some would argue that weight training is more effective as the best way to lose weight. Cardio vs Weight Lifting is a topic, in which fitness freaks are always divided on the issue as some consider cardiovascular training as the as the best way to achieve fitness objectives, while others beg to differ.

Cardio vs Weight Lifting
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Cardio vs Weight Lifting - A Comparative Study

Cardio exercises like jogging, running, or simply a brisk stroll has helped not only burn calories but keep the blood circulation going. It is also one of the most popular methods since it doesn’t require any other accessories. On the other hand, those who choose weight training it about not only losing weight, but also bodybuilding which is considered a form of sport as well. Even sportsmen from other verticals also consider weight training or a careful mixture of both, as suggested by their trainers or coaches. Increasing muscle mass, which is a part of bodybuilding, can be achieved through planned weight lifting under the supervision from experts. Hence, building muscles need weight training apart from cardio exercises as suggested by trainers or experts.

Adopting the best measure

It is difficult to single out on any one between Cardio exercises or weight training, but the decision should be taken based on the health objective or goals. Generally, a mixture of both is suggested to be followed, but it should strictly be done under the guidance and supervision of fitness experts or trainers. The reason why we stress on expert advise in this field is mainly because the body structure, weight, and other physiological factors need to be considered while preparing the fitness routine that needs to be followed. Hence, in the fight between Cardio vs Weight Lifting, without proper guidance, not only the fitness objectives would be missed out, but also serious health implications giving rise to health problems are inevitable.

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