CBSE Date Sheet 2023 for Class 10 and Class 12 exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the CBSE Date Sheet, containing the official notification announcing the dates of Class 10 and Class 12 board examinations, which will be based on the full syllabus. The CBSE board exams were held in two parts till 2022, but the same for the upcoming year will be held singly as per the CBSE date sheet 2023 class 12 and CBSE date sheet 2023 class 10.

CBSE Date Sheet 2023
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CBSE Date Sheet schedule

The date sheet for class 10 2023 CBSE examination and the date sheet of class 12 2023 CBSE as confirmed by the Central Board of Secondary Education authorities in their official website, will start from 10 February 2024 for Class 10 and end on 21 March 2024 and for Class 12 will start from 15 February 2024 and conclude on 5 April 2023. The timings for the examination as per the website, will start from 10.30 am in the morning and conclude at 1.30 pm in the afternoon for all the papers which are of 3(Three) hours in duration. Those papers, which are of 2 hours duration, will start from 10.30 am and end at 12.30 pm. The official notification also stated that the exam schedule has been prepared keeping the dates of the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) exam dates under consideration as per CBSE Date Sheet. The exams are held on 40,000 different subjects and the schedule has been prepared in a way so that multiple exams don’t coincide for any student.

Change in the exam pattern

The exam will be held in 2023 for both Class 10 and Class 12 in a single instance for the entire syllabus unlike the 2 stage exams that happened during the previous pandemic years. In general, 40% of the questions in the Class 10 exam and 30% of the questions in the Class 12 exams are competency-based which includes multiple format questions like objective type, reasoning and assertion along with questions that require a constructive response. These tests check the conceptual and application level knowledge of the students during the board exams which help them immensely in competitive exams in Indian and abroad.

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