Elon Musk Twitter CEO Poll: Elon Should Leave the Position

In a clear response to a poll that Elon Musk Twitter CEO posted on Twitter recently, Twitter users have asked him to step down as CEO. Since the poll ended, Musk hasn’t said for sure that he will step down, but whoever takes his place will have to be able to lead Twitter back to calmer waters even if Musk stays on as the majority owner. This year has been a rough one for both Twitter and Musk. In January 2022, he started buying shares in the company, and in April, his $44 billion (36 billion Pound Sterling) offer to buy the platform was accepted. Then, in July, he tried to get out of the deal. He finally bought the platform in October. Since then, he has made a lot of changes to the popular social media platform, some of which he has also taken back.

Elon Musk Twitter CEO

Elon Musk Twitter CEO facing trouble after the deal

Musk’s reaction to finally getting Twitter has been a lot like how kids act on Christmas morning when they tear open their gifts, act excited at first, and then quickly lose interest. Elon Musk Twitter CEO(current) might have thought that owning the website would be fun and make him feel solid. But the reality is far different from what was expected. He has been heavily criticised and insulted online and in person, and now 57.5 percent of the more than 17.5 million people who use Twitter have voted for him to step down as the company’s CEO.


Musk’s reaction on Twitter Poll

Elon Musk Twitter CEO himself put up the poll and has indicated to follow the results. But he hasn’t said anything about the results in public yet, except to say “interesting” when someone suggested that fake accounts might have changed the results and to agree that only paid Twitter subscribers should be able to vote on policy changes. Some folks assume that other Twitter shareholders and lenders have put pressure on Musk to move on.

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