13 Controversial Movies of Hollywood that can brew up a storm

Even though Hollywood movies are an embodiment of modern ideas and narratives, yet few movies have encountered harsh criticisms due to its theme or subject matter and the way those ideas have been portrayed on the silver screen. Here is a list of 13 Controversial Movies, which might face discontent from a section of viewers for their storyline or for the way they have televised “sensitive” issues.

13 Controversial Movies

13 Controversial Movies Storyline

White Chicks (2004): Facing punishments that involves following a few rich, blonde sisters who have been used as bait for track a kidnapper, 2 Afro-American brothers, who happen to be disgraced FBI agents, are forced to disguise themselves as “Whites” to fulfill the mission. The story involves racism, sexist behaviors and offensive dialogues that may face public wrath in the present day context.

La Piscine (1969): The movie, released in 1969, had its shooting sessions supervised by law enforcement officials after this erotic Italian-French movie’s lead male and female actor’s associate was murdered. The vulgarity had created a furor although the movie was a huge hit in France when released.

la piscine controversy in india

Kiss of Death (1995): A horror movie criticized for its violence, which was deemed unnecessary mostly, involves a girl who kills his brother in order to extract revenge on her mother for her adultery. The girl faced a road accident where her lover dies. After her mother is back from asylum custody, she finds her daughter keeping the head of her lover frozen in refrigerator. The movie faced much criticism due to the uncompelling and violent storyline.

kiss of death controversy movie

Revenge of the Nerds (1984): The movie portrays the revenge extracted by nerds against the jocks, who had been bullying them. However, the movie was full of compelling scenes and “disturbing” ideas including a rape carried out by deceit and nude images of the girls being taken without their consent. The ideas reflected in the movie do not align with social and moral standards, which were confessed by the director as well. Hence it made its way into the list of 13 Controversial Movies.

revenge of the nerds controversial scene

Ace Ventura (1994): The movie helped Jim Carey cement his place as a comic actor, but the portrayal of his gender and the way it was revealed, would get the rights activists on their toes. The movie was otherwise a pleasant watch and greeted sportingly by the audience when released.

ace ventura shower crying scene

Cannibal Holocaust (1980): The movie created quite an uproar when it was released. The cannibalism depicted in the movie along with sexual depictions is very much disturbing and unsettling. It is rumored that the actors even ate humans. The movie was banned in a few countries including Italy and Australia for its unsettling depictions.

cannibal holocaust controversial scene

The Big Feast (1973): The movie depicts extreme consumerism and drags it to a disturbing level. It is French-Italian comedy where a few people are locked up in a room where they eat till death. A violent response awaited the release of the movie for its controversial depiction of thoughts.

the big feast movie scene

The Mother and the Whore (1973): This French comedy movie loosely based on true events had its fair share of public rage due to its crude dialogues and hence regarded as lacking morality. The movie however, won several accolades in the Cannes Film Festival.

The Mother and the Whore movie scene

Forrest Gump (1994): The movie was a huge hit when it was released, but it did earn its fair share of controversy with its viewpoint on certain political and administrative matters. It was also criticized for the way it depicted the AIDS disease.

forrest gump bench scene

Heathers (1989): An American black comic thriller based on few schoolgirls who happen share the same first name. The movie is about the survival of the teenage girls when serial killer goes on a murderous spree in the same school. The movie received a lot of flak due to its depiction of the gun culture in US.

heathers movie cast

Life of Brian (1979): The movie is an American comic satire that takes a humorous approach on religious practices and fundamentalism. The movie depicts the life of the lead actor, who is born on the same day as Jesus Christ and his blasphemic exploits, which encountered strong protests from religious groups.

life of brian movie review

Le mempris (1963): The movie, directed by the renowned Jean-Luc Godard, attracted controversy due to its nude scenes and the central theme of the movie and hence made its way into the list of 13 Controversial Movies.

Le mempris movie controversy

Le petit soldat (1963): Another classic by Jean-Luc Godard, the movie had to wait for the censor board approval for 3 years before it was released. The movie showed an army deserter while the French were fighting in Algeria. The censor board found the movie detrimental to national interests and hence did not permit its release.

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