Indranil Sengupta love life derails his 13-year-old marriage

The on-screen “ Feluda” of Tollywood is very much in the news nowadays as his rumored emotional involvement with her colleague and co-star Isha Saha is the talk of the town. The alleged affair is a probable reason that his 13-year-old marital life with Barkha Bisht Sengupta is in shambles. Indranil Sengupta love life has made way for the publicity of his personal life more than his upcoming movie “Hatyapuri” which is scheduled to release on Friday, 23rd December.

Indranil Sengupta love life

Indranil Sengupta love life rumours

Indranil is one of those rare breed of actors who has made his mark in Bollywood after starting his career in the Tollywood. He is currently settled in Mumbai, but the attraction of Bengali movies is too tempting for him as a result of which he is seen in Bengali movies quite frequently. His Bengali exploits in the upcoming “Hatyapuri” movie, where he is the lead protagonist as “Feluda” is definitely an achievement since only a coveted few have had the opportunity to do so. However, since last year, he has been in the forefront of rumours for his separation with her wife Bishat. Indranil however, has vehemently denied such rumours to be baseless. When questioned about the rumours of his video chats with Isha during the shoots of his forthcoming movie, he took the personal privacy route and refused to comment on it.


Break-up on the cards

Indranil Sengupta love life with Isha Saha is known to have begun while both of them were shooting for the movie “Tarulatar Bhoot”. It is said that since then, his marital discord had begun resulting in differences with his wife. Indranil and Barkha had taken their marital oaths on 1st March, 2008, but since the advent of Isha in his life, rumour has it that his relationship with Barkha is at an all time low. It is also said that both of them have been living separately since then and things might get uglier between them with time. Even though, the actor refused to validate the differences in his marital life, he did confirm that their only daughter Meera shares a cordial relationship with both parents. The truth however, needs a “Feluda” in real-life to validate the actual chain of events.

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