Domino’s Pizza reduced delivery time to 20mins to expand in INDIA

Senior corporate executives of Domino’s Pizza Inc. have stated that the company will considerably increase the number of its retail stores in India, as the country represents the company’s largest market outside of the United States in terms of store count. Domino’s Indian franchisee, Jubilant Food Works Ltd., plans to increase the company’s presence in the nation from the current 2,000 locations with the addition of 1,300 new outlets. Across 371 different cities, the company now operates 1,701 Domino’s franchises.

Domino’s Reduced Its Delivery Time, Set To Expand In India
Domino’s Reduced Its Delivery Time, Set To Expand In India


Domino’s Pizza 20-minutes Delivery

Domino’s Pizza has just started offering 20-minute pizza delivery in 20 different areas. The company markets itself as the best option for pizza lovers. It has done so by relentlessly improving a wide range of factors, including product novelty, flavour, cost, and service to customers.

According to a statement released by the company, to make the 20-min delivery system successful, the giant pizza QSR chain is streamlining & enhancing its in-store operations, setting up a good digital resource planning, upgrading technologies & expanding the stores. As a result of taking these measures, the company can guarantee that its pizza will be at its customers’ doors within 20 minutes, hotter, fresher, and tastier without sacrificing either the pizza’s quality or the well-being of its delivery personnel.


CEO of Domino on Expansion

Domino’s executives believe that faster pizza delivery will considerably improve sales volumes, increase customer retention and frequency of orders, and result in greater labour cost efficiency. The Domino’s Pizza franchise is present in 95 countries. To date, we have opened about 20,000 locations, with India serving as our top market outside the United States. That’s why we’re so pleased with it. And the expansion is happening at a phenomenal rate. About 250 stores, I think, are planned for this year. Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner remarked, “Jubilant also has a medium to long term objective of reaching to 3,000 stores, which is fantastic for the brand.”

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