Succession Season 4 series opener gets the audience hooked

Succession Season 4 series opener gets the audience hooked with the hints of the forthcoming clashes among the characters in the narrative. The current entertaining season, the 4th of the series is assumed to be the final season for this infamous series on HBO, which is also been streamed on Disney Hotstar. The series has been widely acclaimed as it has managed to engage the audience with the storyline and the performances and has received the Emmy Awards twice.

Succession Season 4
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Succession Season 4 – The Plot

The Succession Season 4 starts from where the 3rd season ended with the speculation that Logan and Kerry and their romantic implications. The Succession Season 4 begins with an ariel view of the $83 million mansion in the Santa Monica mountains with a car approaching through the driveway.

The lead character in the series is shown in the next scene to be shouting at his employees in an online meeting in a palatial living room surrounded by glass walls. The sibling rivalry is shown to take effect from here itself which has been the central theme of the series in the last 3 seasons as well. Just to recap, the children are the next generation of the media mogul Logan Roy, portrayed by Brian Cox, who is fictitiously a billionaire with a present worth of $18 billion.

Succession Season 4 – The unfolding

The children of Logan are shown to be plotting against each other as they plan their next move in their relentless pursuit of power, who has been planning to sell of his company to Lukas Mattson played by Alexander Skarsgard.

Since Succession’s debut in 2018, people have been puzzled over whether the series is a comedy or a drama. The impulse to define its genre isn’t just about semantics, or wanting to arbitrarily fit it into one box or another. It’s also about what we can ultimately expect from a show that breaks so many of TV’s tried-and-true rules.

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