Tollywood celebs targeted and framed by media on drug cases

Tollywood, the Telugu Film Industry has been the victim of morality, or rather the lack of it, as far as the news and media houses are concerned. Taking media trials to a whole new level, they happen to attach the male and female actors with drug peddlers in their news coverage, irrespective of the authenticity. Insensitivity has been prevailing over social and moral responsibilities and sensationalism as well as TRP happens to be the motivator for the media houses of the Telugu Film Industry.

Tollywood Drugs Case
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Tollywood becomes the victim of the media trial

Drugs have always had a cordial relationship with the celluloid industry irrespective of the demography. However, nowadays, the Gody Media, at the expense of its moral responsibilities and principles, prefers sensationalism and TRPs to the authenticity of the information or news. Such has been the trend for quite a while now, that a law enforcement interrogation carried out on the film celebrities of Tollywood was broadcasted by the media, but after a while, the whole issue went out of focus due to the lack of conclusive evidence to frame the charges.

Recently, the Police apprehended a drug peddler, K P Choudhary, who had been in touch with actresses like Surekha Vani, Jyothy and Anshu Reddy of Tollywood. However, the horrifying fact remains that the media got the names of these actresses from the police themselves. The media trials that ensue, make life difficult for these potentially accused, something that they do not deserve. Such news does hurt their image and credibility which is directly linked to their reputation and have a direct effect on their career.

Actresses react to the issue

Actress Jyothi of Tollywood reacted to the news saying “For me, K.P. Chowdary is a good friend. When he comes to the city, he brought his son or his pet dog and My son plays with their son. I have nothing to do with the drug case as it has come out in the news. I’m ready for any kind of inquiry. If required, we are also ready for a narcotic test. They say I made hundreds of calls. I asked them about their family’s well-being and nothing else. Moreover, I have not deleted any data from my phone.”

She also said “even If it is deleted, it can be retrieved, right? The police can do that anyway. I’ll give my two phones to the police. They’re investigating, aren’t they? I will fully cooperate with it. I stay away from parties. Even when I go to parties, I carry the medicine in my hand. I’m available on the phone. How do you put up photos without knowing the truth? Do you know how much torcher will there be because of that? If the same happens to people in your home, will you react like this?”

K P Choudhary happened to be the distributor for the Rajnikanth starrer Kabali which was released in Telugu. The police are currently investigating whether he had been instrumental in bringing drugs from Goa and findings have been eagerly awaited.


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