Know which Adani Group Share can give you exponential profit?

The Adani Group Shares, including those of the parent company, Adani Enterprise, has gone through some very tough times a while ago following the Hindenburg Report which saw a massive slide in the market price of all the shares on the flagship Adani Group Share Markets happen to be very volatile and sensitive information like those, projected by Hindenburg, crashed the stock prices and also the sentiment of the buyers.

Adani Group Share – The Stock Market Phoenix

The group has been consolidating since then and improving upon its fundamentals for all the associated companies, which is currently evident from the steadying market price of the stocks for these organizations. While taking a close look at the trend of the prices, one of the stocks depicts a nearly 5% increase intra-day on Monday 26th June 2023. It is predicted that the same stock will continue on its growth path and the 50% gain in a single day is not an exception, but a trend. The fundamentals of this company seem to be very much in place and hence, over-inflation of the prices cannot be branded to this particular stock, as per experts.

Adani Group Share
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Adani Group Share – Building on the growth

Capital Market experts happen to predict a bullish view for this stock and the rate of growth is predicted to be much higher than it has till now. To break the suspense on the name of the stock, no prize for guessing, its Adani Power Limited which had been on a roll and is predicted to continue its bullish run for a considerable amount of time from now.

Currently, Adani Power Limited is trading at 253.50, an intra-day increase of 1.16% today as well after it gained 3.38% on Monday. Brokerage firms like IIFL predict that the price would touch Rs. 300 very soon and that the consolidation period is almost over and the stock price is ready to show a steady increase.

Disclaimer: The views are personal as far as the predictions are concerned and the information is very much aimed at educational purposes. Viewers are requested to consult experts before transacting for the above-mentioned stocks.

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