Is UCC to be introduced before General Elections 2024 by Modi?

The UCC or Uniform Civil Code might be effective soon, before the General Elections scheduled next year. PM Modi hinted at the same while campaigning for the BJP in the upcoming MP Polls and raked up the issue along with Triple Talaq as well. Madhya Pradesh goes for polls in November 2023 and the present meeting marks the onset of the rigorous campaign for the concerned State Elections eventually leading to the Parliamentary Elections next year.

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UCC Implementation –Magnifying the thought

PM Modi has been pushing hard for quite a few ideological reforms since his re-election in the 2019 Parliamentary Elections. Starting off with the revoking of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir apart from the criminalization of Muslim divorce and the new-look citizenship laws.

Currently, UCC or Uniform Civil Code implementation happens to be in the pipeline on the backdrop of the 2024 Elections nationwide. The UCC has also made its place in the poll manifesto released by the party that says, “BJP believes there cannot be gender equality till such time India adopts a Uniform Civil Code, which protects the rights of all women, and the BJP reiterates its stand to draft a Uniform Civil Code, drawing upon the best traditions and harmonizing them with modern times”.

UCC Implementation
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UCC Implementation – Challenges ahead

The demand for the UCC did make its way in the recently concluded Karnataka State Elections, where the BJP was drubbed by Congress. However, the Code will be applicable to all religious sectors where minor and major changes would be in order to implement the same.

However, the below-par economic growth during the better part of Modi’s tenure as PM and the rising unemployment might pose challenges for the ruling BJP in the upcoming General Elections and hence a bold move like UCC might not be to the best of their interests currently. Rising unrest which has already gripped the state of Manipur along with Ladakh and Kashmir has been the cause of serious headaches for the Government and hence the reforms might falter in these states, leading to the others to follow.


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