Urfi Javed Says “I Love My B**Bs” & Shows Middle Finger

Urfi Javed has always been grabbing the headlines for reasons not good, but for bad or worse. She has been an online sensation while she bares her body and defends it with her attitude. Her latest revelation that has cooked up the storm online shows the celeb praising her b**bs in a video. Needless to say, the video went viral as usual as her fans and admirers apart from the netizens expressed their interest and views. The video shows her wearing a saree as she appreciated her assets.

Urfi Javed
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Urfi Javed Video

Urfi Javed who is gearing up to take part in the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi is known for speaking her mind, and her bold moves. Recently, she broke the internet after she donned a stunning saree by designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. Now, in a recent viral video, Urfi Javed can be seen showing her middle and saying that she broke her nail. The actress even confessed that she loves her b**bs and now, netizens are sharply reacting to it.

Reaction of the netizens

The video where Urfi Javed showed her middle finger saying, that she had broken the nail of that particular finger apart from praising her asset, drew sharp criticism from all quarters as well apart from the praises. She was brutally trolled for the video online,

One of the users wrote, “Without sense, nonsense ladki…” “Ye sab kya dekhna pad raha hai mujhe isey acha toh andhaa hota.”

“What’s wrong with her such a shameless woman.” Another user mocked Uorfi Javed’s statement and said, “She loves them, we love them, all of us are happy…” Another user wrote, “Ek din tum jarur takkar dogi Rakdhi Ko.”

In fact, a lot of users wrote ‘Dislike’ the video in the comments section. But as they say, any publicity is good publicity, be it for the right reasons or for wrong. Urfi Javed has been towing these lines right from the very beginning living by the statement, “Love me or hate me, but you cannot ignore me”.



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