Salaam Venky movie review; released on Dec, 9th 2022

Salaam Venky Movie Review, done by the journalists and film critics points toward a mother-son bonding as a 24-year old son is facing death, asking her mother to file a petition for Euthanasia. Though reluctant initially, she finally agrees, and the movie explores her journey to fulfil her son’s last wish.


The movie is loosely based on book “The Last Hurrah”, by Srikanth Murthy, which is inspired from real life events about a chess player as he and his mother takes on the social and legal system on their quest for euthanasia for organ donation. The lead protagonist of the movie Venky, suffers from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, a rare muscular disorder that will lead to eventual death. The storyline is centered around the struggle he and his mother has to go through in pursuit of his wish for euthanasia so that he can donate his organs while they are still viable. The movie has been a powerful portrayal of life and directed by the National Award winning director Revathy with Kajol and Vishal Jethwa in the lead roles.

Salaam Venky movie review

Salaam Venky movie review

The movie deals with a mental ache for a mother and her son. A happy-go-lucky youngster who enjoys life who faces eventual death due to a rare illness. The director however, strays from the pivotal issue to describe the lead actor(Venky’s) relation with his surroundings hat comprises of his doctor, nurse, sister and sweetheart. The film spends almost the entire first half on building the plot which can be considered as an unnecessary drag. Salaam Venky Movie Review, as per critics, compensate this slowness in the first half with an equally engaging melodrama throughout the rest of the movie. However, as Venky finally convinces his mother to file a petition for euthanasia, the ball starts rolling. This is where the nobility of the cause gets the audience to connect their heart with the story and its characters. The movie introduces more characters with the journalist (Ahana Kumra) covering the event and the judge (Prakash Raj) as the presiding judge for the case. However, the movie steals the show with its depiction of the mother-son relationship as Kajol and Vishal deliver a mesmerizing performance. In a nutshell, a must watch movie that touches the deepest chords of human emotions.

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