Blurr movie review released on Dec 9th 2022

Blurr movie review, points out huge lapses with respect to the plot as well as the way in which the story is narrated. Generally, movies of this genre keeps the audience engaged with its unexpected twists and turns. However, this movie fails to build up an environment of suspicion and gets too predictable at times. The movie is actually a remake of the Spanish movie Julia’s Eyes. Apart from Taapsee Pannu being the actor and the producer and Ajay Bahl as director, the movie also casts Gulshan Devaiah and Abhilash Thapliyal in prominent roles.

Blurr movie review


The movie narrates the tale of a blind young musician, Gautami who dies under mysterious circumstances. Her twin sister is of the notion that it’s a murder and not a suicide as she eagerly wants to get to the bottom of it. However, she fails to get her husband or the cops to be by her side, in her quest and sets out in an arduous and mentally disturbing journey to uncover the actual way the events unfolded. Whether she is able to find the killer or not forms the crux of the story.

Blurr movie review as per critics

The Blurr movie review, going by the storyline, starts on a spooky note as Gautami (Taapsee Pannu) is shown to be having an argument with someone when there is nobody actually present with her. However, as the movie progresses and Gautami is found to commit suicide as the movie tries its best to build up on the suspense. However, as the narrative goes along, the eventual outcome and the path it takes to reach the outcome becomes too predictable. As a result, the movie fails miserably to connect with the audience. Gradually, the movie loses its steam, especially after the first half, which was comparatively better and neither the horror nor the thriller cease to be a part of the movie. The actors however did a commendable job, but the script and its execution failed to justify the genre.

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