The Locksmith Movie Review as per critics and media

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The Locksmith Movie Review
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The Locksmith Movie Review – Star cast and release dates

The Locksmith Movie Review, starting with the cast and the genre along with the release date, it is a crime thriller based on the book by Blair Kroeber. The movie features, Ryan Phillipe, Kate Bosworth, Charlie Weber in the lead roles. The screenplay is developed by John Glosser, Joe Russo & Chris LaMont together.

The Locksmith Movie Review – Storyline

The movie depicts the exploits of Miller Graham, played by Ryan Phillippe who is an expert locksmith and has been in prison for using his talents that have been detrimental to the well-being of society. After his release from prison, he wants to start a new life, away from the world of crime, along with his wife and daughter but fate has different plans for him in store as a kidnapping changes everything that happened to be part of the plan.

The Locksmith Movie Review

This modest and competent neo-noir seems to have no urgent reason for being, except perhaps to inject sentimental notions of redemption into the book of neo-noir conventions. Directed by Nicolas Harvard from a script by John Glosser, Ben Kabialis, Chris LaMont, and Joe Russo—working from a story by Blair Kroeber, yet, the movie opens with a botched robbery. One in which a smarmy corrupt cop named Zwick intercepts the loot while killing one of the robbers.

Phillippe convincingly plays a man whose mistake was exploited by someone powerful and corrupt and who wants to make a fresh start for his family after serving his time. In a supporting role, Ving Rhames tries to bring as much as he can, but ultimately his undefined, underused character ends up as stereotypical fodder for Miller’s storyline. Bosworth also feels underused as Beth, Miller’s love interest and a local detective. Thankfully, she’s not solely defined by her relationship with Miller, but she’s also not fleshed out enough to the point that we see her as more than just a stereotypical “tough” female cop who plays by the rules.

Movie Ratings

  1. Rotten Tomatoes: 7/5
  2. Imdb: 6/5
  3. Times Of India: 7/5


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