Judge Mathis show, People’s Court wrapped up by Warner Bros

Judge Mathis Show along with “ The People’s Court is supposed to be wrapped up by Warner Bros after the current season is done with as per media sources. The television series, Judge Mathis is at is 24th Season and “The People’s Show” will be completing its 26th Season in the current year, after which both series are expected to be discontinued, as per reliable sources from the famous production house, Warner Bros.

Judge Mathis Show
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Judge Mathis Show to be discontinued?

As per sources from the media and highly placed officials of the production company Warner Bros., the shows are very much likely to be discontinued due to the apparent losses incurred in the airtime and the downward trend and the sharply declining nature of the daytime syndicate shows along with the popularity. The steadily declining TRP of the shows is a challenge faced by all production houses with respect to the advertising revenues. As both Judge Mathis Show and The People’s Court have not been able to churn the revenues a per the satisfaction and expectation of the concerned Production House, the decision has been zeroed-in by Warner Bros.

The most sought after shows for 2 decades

For the die-hard fans of the series, this happens to be the second People’s Court, after the first version of the show, the one with Judge Wapner, ended all the way back in 1993. Starting in 1997, the new People’s Court ran for a massive 26 seasons in total, including tenures by former New York mayor Ed Koch, Judge Judy’s husband, Jerry Sheindlin, and, most prominently, that of Judge Marilyn Malian, who presided over the series from 2001 to now. Judge Mathis Show has been going for nearly as long, with former Michigan judge Greg Mathis having ruled over his TV courtroom since 1999.

The decision to end the Judge Mathis shows that have dominated the TV screens as well the audience minds for decades now, due to the changing consumer behavior which made its presence felt on the show adversely with their diminishing response every passing day goes to show that “ Change is he only thing constant” be it actual or virtual reality.

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