Emerging trends in Election Commission of Delhi-conducted MCD Polls

AAP hand out a shocker to the BJP: Even though the ruling BJP defied the exit poll predictions with respect to its seat-winning tally, they are well behind AAP as per the current reports that are emerging in the recently concluded MCD polls in Delhi conducted by the Election Commission of Delhi. The BJP, who were at the helm of affairs in the Delhi civic body for the last 15 years, are about to lose their dominance to the AAP as per latest reports. The BJP is currently leading in about 100 seats as compared to the AAP, who are presently maintaining a steady lead in more than 130 seats, and are well over the halfway mark of 125. The exit polls had been spot-on in their prediction of the AAP registering a thumping win leaving its opponents far behind.

Election Commission of Delhi

Latest seat tally as confirmed by the Election Commission of Delhi

The Delhi Election commission, as per the latest news confirms that the AAP has secured its complete dominance in 134 out of the 250 seats with the BJP a distant second as they only managed 103 seats. BJP has lost out on 60 seats as compared to its tally in the previous MCD elections. Congress’ misery continues as they have only been able to win just 10 seats. The AAP had fielded Bobi from Sultanpura –A ward, who won as the first ever from the transgender community in the MCD elections.

Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia took to Twitter to thank the people of Delhi for their unwavering support. “Heartfelt gratitude to the people of Delhi for trusting Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi MCD… By defeating the world’s biggest and most negative party, the people of Delhi have made a staunch honest and working @ArvindKejriwal ji win. For us, this is not just a victory, it is a big responsibility.”, he said. The Congress Party Office wore a deserted look amidst in stark contrast to the AAP celebrations as problems continue to multiply the “Grand Old Party”.

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