MERS Virus Camel Flu infect players and supporters in Qatar Football WorldCup

Soon after the novel Corona Virus subsides, health experts have highlighted the threat of a new virus infection is doing the rounds for players and supporters who are returning home from Qatar as the FIFA World Cup concludes. The new MERS Virus Camel Flu or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is casting its shadow and has already affected a few. Last week, during a media interaction, health experts have warned that fans and players might bring home the Camel Flu virus as they return home from Qatar. The Health Security Agency in UK has directed the doctors to keep a tab on the patients and check for the virus through pathological tests who visit them with fever and respiratory complications.

MERS Virus Camel Flu

Background of MERS Virus Camel Flu

The disease, which has its origins in the Middle East, derives its name as “Camel Flu” also, since the infection or the virus is transmitted and from Camels to Humans. Most of the area in the Middle East has a vast stretch of desert and Camels being the most commonly available animal, humans who are close to the animals as a part of their daily routine, are prone to this virus attack. The disease was first detected in Saudi Arabia as a result of the pathological tests conducted on humans has claimed more than 1100 lives since then which translates to about 35% of the total infection count. WHO (World Health Organization) has been intimated by quite a few countries on the damage caused by the virus which is also prone to be transferred between humans as well. Most importantly, vaccines for this virus are yet to be formulated.


Effects on the players

The most common symptoms of the MERS Virus Camel Flu disease include fever, breathlessness, nausea and sore throat accompanied with dry cough apart from abdominal pain. 2 of the players from the French World Cup football team namely, Dayot Upamecano and Adrien Rabiot missed out on the World Cup semis against Morocco as they were suspected to be infected by the virus and were kept in isolation. The French coach also confirmed the validity of this news.

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