Bihar Municipal Council Election 2022 Result Updates

Counting is going on for the first round of the Bihar municipal council election. In addition to Ward Councilor, elections have been held for Chief Councilor and Deputy Chief Councilor in Nagar Panchayat and Municipal Council. Earlier, people in Bihar only chose ward councilors. This time, all three positions were chosen directly by the general public. In the municipal corporation, the mayor and deputy mayor will also be chosen by the people. At the place where votes were counted in Katihar, the police used lathi charges on the crowd and supporters who couldn’t be stopped. People can also view the result update at

Bihar municipal council

Details of the Election

The first round of counting for the Bihar municipal council elections started at 8 a.m. For this, the State Election Commission has set up counting centers at the district headquarters of 37 districts. In the first round, there were votes for 3658 positions. These positions include 3346 Ward Councilor positions, 156 Chief Councilor positions, and 156 Deputy Chief Councilor positions. In this, 68 city councils and 88 city panchayats have each chosen a chief councilor and a deputy chief councilor. People have to vote for three posts. In the first phase, however, 53 ward councilors are chosen without any opposition.

Live Updates of Bihar Municipal Council Election

Meera Singh from Roseda in Samastipur and Abha Sureka from Dalsingh sarai have become chief councilors. Parvati Devi, the outgoing chief councilor of Munger’s Jamalpur Municipal Council, has kept her seat. Neelam Devi is the first chief councilor of the new Tarapur Nagar Panchayat, which is located in Munger. Rama Nishad, the wife of Muzaffarpur BJP MP Ajay Nishad and former head of the Hajipur Municipal Council, lost the election for Ward No. 1 councilor. Jyotsna Kumari got 53 more votes than him and beat him. In the Bagaha Municipal Corporation elections, JDU MLC BhishmaSahni’s wife, mother, and daughter-in-law all lost. An amazing result has come in Bihiya Nagar Panchayat. Here, only one family has won the elections: a husband, wife, and sister-in-law. Shashi Kumar was chosen to be the Chief Councilor of the Dehri-Dalmianagar Municipal Council of Rohtas. Rani was chosen to be the Deputy Chief Councilor. Kamrun Nisha has been chosen to be the Chief Councilor of the Buxar Municipal Council. Maya Devi kept her second-place spot. Rekha Devi got 1735 votes, which was enough to win the job of Chief Councilor on the Jamui Municipal Council. One can check more detail about the Bihar municipal council by visiting 2022 result.

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