16 Indian Army dead including 3 Officers & 13 Soldiers in North Sikkim

On Friday, a vehicle carrying Army personnel rolled down a steep hillside near North Sikkim, causing 16 Indian Army dead and four others to sustain injuries. The vehicle was one of three that were traveling together in a convoy that left Chatten in the morning and headed in the direction of Thangu. The vehicle was involved in an accident while it was traveling to Zema.

16 Indian Army dead
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“The rescue effort was launched immediately, and four injured service members were airlifted to safety. According to a statement released by the Indian Army, “Unfortunately, three Junior Commissioned Officers and 13 soldiers succumbed to the injuries sustained in the accident.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Reaction

Both the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and the Minister of Defense, Rajnath Singh, expressed their sorrow over the 16 Indian Army death caused by the accident.

Our hearts are heavy with the news that several Indian Army personnel has lost their lives in a road accident in North Sikkim. The people of this country hold a profound sense of gratitude toward them for their service and dedication. Addressing 16 Indian Army dead jawans, Rajnath Singh paid his deepest sympathies are with the family of the army personnel, on Friday. He also expressed his hopes and prayers for the speedy recovery of those who had been injured.

Army Statement on 16 Indian Army dead

According to the Army, a vehicle carrying sixteen Army personnel lost control while negotiating a sharp turn at Zema in North Sikkim on Friday, resulting in the deaths of all occupants of the vehicle. Among the fatalities were three Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs). The personnel was traveling from Chatten to Thangu in an Army vehicle that was part of a three-vehicle convoy. The convoy was headed in the direction of Thangu.

“The unfortunate vehicle was traveling in a convoy of three vehicles that had set out from Chatten in the morning in the direction of Thangu. The truck lost control as it negotiated a sharp turn en route to Zema, sending it careening down a steep slope. Right away, a rescue operation got underway, and four injured soldiers were taken out of the area by helicopter “according to a statement issued by the Army.

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