WB Govt drags their feet after SC stays ban on Kerala Story

The Kerala Story movie which was banned by the WB Govt. has been stayed by the Supreme Court of India. However, even after the orders from the highest judiciary body of the country, the State Government is not too keen on implementing the orders for reasons best known to them as well as the entire state community.

WB Govt on Kerala story
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WB Govt doing its best to delay The Kerala Story release

It is very much evident that since that the WB Govt is doing everything within their capacity to stay away from releasing the movie after the draconian ban imposed. Even the order from the Supreme Court, which can also be counted as a drubbing by the highest judiciary of the country, doesn’t seem to be reason enough for them.

However, the State Government is delaying the overall process, as much as they could to stall the screening as the Government is purposely delaying any official communication on the steps to be undertaken on the part of the Government for the release. The delay has made the multiplex owners move forward to the newer releases with high-profile movies lined up. “New films have already been slotted. We can’t say for sure how to go about this,” said Arijit Dutta, owner of Priya Cinema, where the movie was initially released and then pulled out.

Supreme Court questions the WB Govt on movie release

As per the latest news the Supreme Court questioned the validity of the ban imposed by the State Government, especially since most of the States in the country, including Kerala, where the movie is running without any law and order issues. The State government had cited law and order disruption as the reason for the ban which fell flat on its face as the SC clearly mentioned in their judgment that law and order is a state subject, meaning that it is the responsibility of the State to maintain Law and Order.

The WB Govt didn’t release any official communication from their end after the court order, instead, the spokesperson of the ruling political party came up with their own fictitious reasons saying that since the SC has allowed the screening of the movie, the State Government will not be responsible for any untoward incidents that may happen as a result. Tamil Nadu happens to be the only state to have restricted the screening of the movie apart from West Bengal.


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