Various type of Cryptography methods available in Blockchain

In the previous session, the Encryption and Decryption Techniques were discussed in detail. Today we look at the Cryptography methods that are implemented in Blockchain.

The topics covered in Type of Cryptography

  1. Public Cryptography
  2. Private Cryptography
  3. Difference between Public and Private Cryptography
Type of Cryptography
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Type of Cryptography – Public Cryptography

The most basic encryption technique used, when the said technology was in its early dates was Caesar cypher. It involved characters being encrypted with another single character. The decryption process followed the same rules as well. Both the encryption and decryption messages were different but was linked with its codes, internally. Going by the encryption algorithm, it was also referred to as symmetric cryptography. Under the Type of Cryptography options, it’s the asymmetric process that is adopted in modern crypto methods.

Using asymmetric cryptography, if you want to receive encrypted messages you create two mathematically linked keys: a public key and a private key. Together they are called a key pair. You can share your public key with the world, and anyone can use it to encrypt messages for you. You use your private key, known only to you, to decrypt those messages. Anyone who sends you encrypted messages using your public key knows only you can decrypt them

Type of Cryptography – Private Cryptography

In the Private key, the same key (secret key) is used for encryption and decryption. In this key is symmetric because the only key is copied or shared by another party to decrypt the cipher text. It is faster than public-key cryptography.

Difference between Public and Private Cryptography.

Under the Type of Cryptography, we take a comparative look at the Private and Public types:

  1. Private Keys are faster to operate that its public counterparts.
  2. For encryption, a more sophisticated approach happens for the Private Key, which is a single key and coupled with the algorithm, used to encrypt and decrypt, unlike the Public one, which has 12 different keys for encrypt and decrypt.
  3. For Private ones, the key is kept secret whereas in the Public method, both the keys are kept as secret.

In the next session, we proceed with the encryption or Hashing techniques that are used in Cryptography.


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