Top Beauty tips for face for a healthy and glowing skin

As they say, “Face is the index of mind”, a healthy skin does reflect a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.  Looks at time does matter and do carry the message that reflects self-confidence and best hygiene practices above all else contributing a lot to the all important “ First Impression”. Prolonged efforts made to the cause and following the Beauty tips for face can ensure not only a healthy and glowing skin but makes us look and feel beautiful and confident as well. Best ways to ensure such beauty and confidence can be listed as:

Beauty tips for face
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Beauty tips for face: The essential go-to’s

  1. Applying proper sunscreen lotion:- Also referred to as the “ Fountain of Youth”, it helps in anti-aging among other benefits. The best possible one to choose would be those that offer water resistant and are of SPF-30 or higher.
  2. Using self-tanner:- Tanning can affect the skin adversely by aging it prematurely. Hence, self tanners can keep the skin healthy but protect it from the obvious risks.
  3. Choosing the correct skin-care products:- Skin types can vary from being oily or dry or sensitive. Hence choosing the skin care products based on the skin type needs given its due importance as it goes a long way in ensuring a healthy and glowing skin.
  4. Consulting experts:- To ensure we use the best products for skin care, an expert advise can be the best possible advise one can look for. Consulting a dermatologist or other skin care experts and following the same can help in ensuring a healthy skin.

The best practices

  1. Avoid Smoking:- Skin aging is directly related to an individual’s smoking habits. The more one smokes, the faster his/her skin ages. Hence, smoking can be a deterrent to a healthy skin.
  2. Checking for skin ailments:- Consulting with medical experts to ensure that the skin is devoid of any ailments is the very first step towards the desired objective. All practices adopted for skincare might go in vain if the skin has any underlying ailments.
  3. Sufficient hydration:- Ensuring we wash and splash our face with water at regular intervals helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Washing the skin with lukewarm water and then gently cleansing it, especially after waking up and before going to bed is essential for a healthy skin.

Following the above practices can ensure the very basics of skin care and hygiene. However, it is strongly advised that an expert is consulted for better clarity and fine tuning on the same.

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