TMC announces support for Congress in the upcoming elections

TMC announces support for Congress in the upcoming General Elections in 2024 in a bid to thwart the BJP juggernaut. The announcement comes shortly after the results of the Karnataka State elections results where the Congress party secured a historic win. The party supremo, Mamata Banerjee made her intentions clear to the media in a press meeting from Nabanna yesterday.

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TMC expressing their wish for a United Opposition

In a desperate bid to stop the exponential rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s presence in West Bengal and possibly a way out to divert attention from the series of scams that her party has been involved in since it came to power in 2011, she expressed her wishes to ally with the Cong. party for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections in 2024.

The Trinamool Cong. came to power in 2011 in West Bengal where they united with the Cong. during the State Elections that very year to end the 34-year rule Communist Party rule in West Bengal. They however ditched the party a few months later after coming to power and both parties have been at loggerheads, ever since.

Setting the stage for Congress-led opposition for the upcoming polls

Ms. Banerjee expressed her wish that the Cong. party should fight from those seats where they have a stronger presence and should also align with other regional parties as well to put up a united fight against the BJP. The announcement of the support comes shortly after the Ruling party lost a by-election seat, where they held fort previously to the Cong. and CPI(M) alliance. Also, the thumping win for Congress in the Karnataka Assembly elections collectively puts across a picture depicting the revival of the Congress party. Till now, she had been hell-bent on opposing the Congress and going into an alliance with them.

Mamata Banerjee’s support for the Cong. might just boost the prospects of a stronger Opposition against the Modi Government. However, Congress has not yet responded to the offer as yet and the leaders have till now stayed away from the media as far as reacting to the offer is concerned.


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