The Star Stowe Murder Mystery on Discovery Plus

Star Stowe murder mystery relates the story of the darkness that lurks underneath the glitz and glamour of the show business industry and be it films or on the ramps might be lucrative for the viewers but the dark underbelly of the industry has intrigued fans and admirers since time.

One such incident, Star Stowe Murder Mystery, which has been filmed into a documentary and will be telecast on Discovery Plus, delves into the backdrop and eventual happenings that occurred during and after the death of this infamous Playboy model.

Star Stowe Murder Mystery
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Star Stowe Murder Mystery: Who was she?

Star Stowe was born Ellen Louise Stowe Milago in Little Rock, Arkansas and had spent her childhood in Arkansas, Louisiana apart from Nevada. She met Gene Simmons when she came down to Las Vegas in 1965. Both Star Stowe and Gene Simmons with whom she instantly fell in love, met in Las Vegas in a hotel elevator.

Gene Simmons was part of a heavy metal group who were scheduled to perform in that particular hotel. Gene Simmon’s personality was magnetic for Star Stowe which happened to be more than enough for the couple to fall for each other at first sight. This meeting led the way to 3 years long relationship between Star Stowe and Gene Simmons.

Star Stowe Murder Mystery: How did she die?

Star Stowe was found lying face-down and strangled to death behind a Coral Springs Eckerd pharmaceutical store when she was identified by the Coral Springs Police. As per sources, she was lying on the ground, half naked. Initial reports also confirm that she was strangled to death. Although there was a lack of leads, her case was soon linked to Sandra Kay Walters, another s*x worker, who was found strangled to death.

 A string of similar murders followed, where female victims were found dead in and around the area. Her case hit a wall and remains unsolved to date. Authorities believe the Star Stowe Murder Mystery might have been the work of a serial killer.


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