Sharad Pawar and NCP Succession battle controversy

Nationalist Congress Party succession battle intensifies with rumours of the current party president, Sharad Pawar‘s nephew Ajit Pawar rumoured to have met the BJP leaders in Delhi raising speculations of a rift and a possible breakup within the party ranks.

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NCP Succession Battle – Sharad Pawar withdraws resignation

Sharad Pawar’s nephew Ajit however refuted any such claims of travelling to Delhi and meeting the BJP top brass. Reports of Ajit Pawar and his followers breaking the ranks were being speculated along with Ajit Pawar travelling to Delhi after Sharad Pawar decided to withdraw his resignation and continue as the Party President for the NCP. The NCP Succession battle rumours were fuelled by the fact that Ajit Pawar was not present in the meeting where Sharad Pawar announced that he will continue to head the party. “I was not present at the press conference. (Sharad Pawar’s).

So some said I had gone to Delhi. But I was in Pune. After that, I went to Daund early in the morning. I attended a function there. Then I went to Karjat. Today I came to Baramati. Tomorrow, I will visit Goregaon to attend a few functions and a rally. Till May 12, I will visit Satara, Phaltan, Osmananbad, Latur and Nashik. I will also be touring Pune,” Ajit Pawar told reporters in Baramati.

Ajit Pawar said as per Sharad Pawar’s directions, only a few leaders attended the press conference. “Some leaders attended the press conference as per Pawar saheb’s directives, rest of them could not do so. I was not present as he (Sharad Pawar) had told some senior leaders to remain present. Even chairs were limited at the press conference. We then left to do our work, but the media, without any reason, carried some stories,” he said.

Possible rift between Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar

As per the latest news update the recent NCP Succession battle which has been the highlight of the Maharashtra politics with an unexpected announcement from Sharad Pawar that he would retire from politics.  His daughter, Supriya Sule, who is currently an MP from Baramati, refused to succeed her father. Rumour has it that Ajit Pawar has been harbouring ambitions of leading the party which has led to a clash of opinions between him and this uncle.

Ajit Pawar however refused to comment NCP Succession battle or on his uncle’s resignation and the eventual withdrawal of it “The issue of resignation of our party chief has ended. We are now busy with our work. The stand taken by Saheb is also our party’s stand. I will not speak on the stand taken by him.


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