San Francisco 49ers gets overpowered by Philadelphia Eagles

The San Francisco 49ers or SF 49ers were convincingly outplayed by the Philadelphia Eagles as the 49ers score only  7 against 31 as scored by their opponents. The loss encountered by the SF 49ers is the 3rd in the last 4 seasons after head coach Kyle Shanahan took over the reins in 2019. Since then, the 49ers came agonizingly close to the title as many as 4 times, but couldn’t really grab it in 3 such attempts.

San Francisco 49ers
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San Francisco 49ers: The jinx

An agonizing defeat in 3 out of 4 attempts on the Super Bowl, since 2019, has turned out to be a jinx of sorts for the San Francisco 49ers as they came within an Emmanuel Sanders touchdown of winning Super Bowl LIV 2019,  blew lead in the NFC Championship Game last season. They also lost another golden opportunity in this game once Brock Purdy could not provide his services due to an elbow injury that almost completely eliminated his ability to throw. It was as if the universe conspired against them to keep the team at bay from laying their hands on the coveted NFC Championship Game.

Luck stays away from the 49ers

Losing out on their main players namely, Block Purdy and Josh Johnson both of whom got injured when the team needed them the most, made things worse for the 49ers. Block Purdy was ruled out due to an elbow injury, which medical experts are working nursing pending an MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging), got Josh Johnson into the mainstream. He too, happened to be ruled out in the third quarter due to a concussion. Purdy was instrumental in getting the team to the No.1 rank in the last season as he scored over 7 starts.

The 49ers game plan heavily suffered due to this loss that they incurred and eventually couldn’t recover from it fully, as the score line suggests.

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