Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan again receiving death threats

Salman Khan, One of the Three Khans of Bollywood is again making headlines. This time it’s not about any hit movies or any of his philanthropic efforts, but out of the apprehension of being killed. Reports confirm that he has been receiving death threats from gangsters very recently, and this is not the first time.

Salman Khan
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Death to Salman Khan

Even though the title may appear insensitive to a few, the same is only to highlight the news and not wishing the same to Bollywood’s favorite star. May he live long! However, it has been reported to Mumbai Police that the superstar has recently received death threats, again, and this time from gangster Goldy Brar. The same person was also behind the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose wala. Goldy Brar, in an interview with the media, said, “We will kill him, we will definitely kill him. Bhai Saheb (Lawrence) had stated that he wouldn’t apologize. Baba will show mercy only when he feels merciful.

As we have said earlier, it’s not just about Salman Khan. We will continue our attempts against all our enemies as long as we’re alive. Salman Khan is our target, there’s no doubt about that. We’ll keep trying, and when we succeed, you’ll know.”  It is to be noted that Salman Khan had also received life threats from another gangster and contemporary Lawrence Bishnoi as well, previously as well.

Salman Khan death threats – History repeats itself

It is worth mentioning that he had received such threats before allegedly from an Indian student through email, earlier this year as well. The Mumbai Police as a result had issued a lookout circular to this effect after a complaint was registered by the actor. As per the news, the threat was found to have been issued by an Indian student who is currently pursuing medical education in the UK and is supposed to return to India once the same is completed later this year.

It is being perceived that the threat issued by the student was at the behest of the gangster Goldy Brar who happens to be currently behind bars.


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