Russian fighter jet nearly shot down British Spy Aircraft

A British spy aircraft that was almost shot down by a Russian fighter jet, can be the backdrop of a Hollywood espionage thriller. However, truth, they say, is stranger than fiction. The information is, however, not fictitious. It happens to be the information present in a leaked document from Pentagon, arguably the most powerful military establishment on the planet.

Russian fighter jet
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The leaked Pentagon Files

The information that the British spy aircraft almost shot down a Russian fighter jet happens to be just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the volume and the sensitivity of the information that has been leaked from the Pentagon recently. Considering the fact that the Pentagon officials are making no bones about the leak in public, goes to show a massive intelligence failure, probably the worst since 9/11.

Pentagon spokespersons were quick to blame the Russians before the media, as the ones responsible for the leaks. However, it was very evident that the Americans were trying to put up a brave face while countering an otherwise shameful intelligence failure. However, the leaks are not the only loophole that Americans are worried about. Information from the leaked documents points towards the fact that US intelligence has been spying on its allies and adversaries alike. It is the aftereffects of this leaked news that the US Government has to deal with, especially within agonizingly close range to the Presidential elections in 2024.

Details on the Russian fighter jet and British aircraft

As per reports, the nearly-missed incident took place on 29 September last year. The British plane was flying off the Crimean coast. The aircraft was a usual spy one which is used to gather electronic messages. The information in the leaked document suggests that UK RJ was nearly taken down by a missile shot by a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet. his is a significant leak. In case Russia had indeed taken out the British plane it would have dragged the United States and its NATO partners into the Ukraine war.

It is important to note that the UK is already aware of this as was disclosed by the country’s defense minister last year but there is a difference in what he said and what the leaked documents indicate.


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