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Pongal 2023 celebrity look to “Dress up for the occasion”

As we welcome Harvesting New Year with fun and fervor, across States, dressing up for the occasion becomes an integral part of the celebration. Even though known by different names in different parts of the country, the idea of Pongal, or New Harvesting Year‘s idea remains the same throughout, just like “Unity among Diversity”. It also happens to be the very first festival of our English Calendar Year.  Pongal 2023 celebrity look brings suggestions and insights from few of our beloved celebrities down South on how to be at your best as far as attire is concerned are shared below. Lets Dress Up!!

Pongal 2023 celebrity look – By Celebs, For Us!

  1. Rashmika Mandhana:- As suggested by her, a single color dress, preferably of the darker shades would be more appealing for the occasion as the festival is generally a Day Celebration. A 2 piece dress, especially Lehenga with similar dark color embroidery or any good match to it should be an ideal choice. A minimal makeup with a floral twist or gajra would go perfectly with the dress.
Pongal 2023 celebrity look Rashmika Mandhana
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  1. Tamanna Bhatia:- Tamanna suggests a more traditional approach with a modern era twist as her Pongal 2023 celebrity look. She would advise the saree that matches best with the occasion with metallic shades and matching apparel accessories that would make the person glow even in bright sunshine. A traditional waistband would fit in as a perfect accessory with light jewellery and simple make-up would complement the look.
Pongal 2023 celebrity look Tamanna Bhatia
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  1. Keerthy Suresh:- This gorgeous lady suggests something out-of-the-box, that would stand out in the crowd. A bright combination of mustard yellow and red in the 2 piece dress that would look traditional, but with a touch of the present era as far as the color pattern is concerned. To add to the gorgeous quotient, rimmed eye make-ups using a thin brush would be an ideal choice and match.
Pongal 2023 celebrity look keerthy suresh
Image Source Instagram
  1. Malavika Mohanan:- She suggests a traditional Lehenga preferably with a crop top, but of a lighter shade. Considering the weather in the areas where Pongal is celebrated predominantly, an ivory white dress with golden laces or handiwork can add to the elegance factor for those who choose to dress up in this attire. The Golden handiwork would add to the glow of the dress as well as the person wearing it. The make-up can be a bit subdued, to let the dress speak for itself, probably with a bindi or gajra or both.
Pongal 2023 celebrity look malavika mohnan
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  1. Pooja Hegde:- Similar to Rashmika, Pooja Hegde suggests a monochrome or single color traditional saree with a backless blouse to add to the charm. Both the saree and the accessory in the same color can add to the beauty even if going without any makeup. However, those who do go for make-up can match up with a relevant color splash.
Pongal 2023 celebrity look pooja hegde
Image Source Instagram
  1. Samantha Ruth Prabhu:- Samantha suggests a chikankari white saree as the ideal outfit with the rich embroidery on the borders adding to the chic factor. A matching ivory or beige blouse tops up as the perfect companion. A golden tone as the accessory be it the jewellery or and subdued lip color would definitely add to the charm.
Pongal 2023 celebrity look samantha ruth prabhu
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  1. Kajal Agarwal:- The “ Singham Girl” prefers a low toned apparel color, preferably pink on its lighter tones with rich embroidery on the Lehenga. A draped Pallu with a sleeveless blouse with similar embroidery and silver or pearl jewels can go with it perfectly along with similar rimmed eyeliners and splash sounds just about perfect.
Pongal 2023 celebrity look kajal agarwal
Image source Instagram
  1. Mrunal Thakur:- Mrunal Thakur however, prefers the glitz and glamour theme of Pongal 2023 celebrity look, as she suggests a higher tone of the darker grey shades with a silver touch. The metallic color adds to the charm factor enhancing the looks. Similar or relevant shades of the make-up and accessories can be the best match.

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