Police Announced Curfew In Mumbai Till January 2nd

A recent press release issued by the Mumbai Police informed the public that a curfew in Mumbai has been imposed as a precautionary measure due to reports of threat to human life and property due to breach of public order and peace in Mumbai in the near future. The reason for the curfew was due to reports of threat to human life and property due to breach of public order and peace in Mumbai. On Friday, the Mumbai Police Department declared that there would be a curfew in place across the city till January 2 in an effort to maintain calm and prevent any disruptions to public order. During this time, a group of five persons or more is prohibited from congregating in a single location anywhere in the city. Vishal Thakur, Deputy Commissioner, Mumbai Police gave the orders through a press release.

curfew in mumbai

Duration Of Curfew In Mumbai

The curfew in Mumbai will be valid from the 4th of December until the 2nd of January, these orders will be in place, and during this time period, anyone who breaks the rules and regulations as well as any other form of order imposed by Mumbai Police will be subject to severe repercussions.

What Will Be Prohibited?

  • A large scale social gathering of people around places of public entertainment is strictly prohibited during curfew in Mumbai.
  • Bursting crackers, playing loudspeakers, musical instruments and bands on public places in ban.
  • Ban on sloganeering, demonstrations and performance of songs in public places.
  • Prohibition of all forms of processions including wedding ceremonies, funerals, mass meetings of companies, clubs, co-operative societies and other such assemblies.
  • Gathering of 5 or more people around government offices, courts and local bodies performing government or semi-government functions is prohibited.
  • Prohibition of large gatherings of schools, colleges and other institutions for educational activities or general business.
  • Use of Firearms, swords and other such harmful weapons is not allowed.

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