PM Modi visits US on President Joe Biden’s request

PM Modi is set for a 3-day visit to the United States to honor the request of US President Joe Biden which is interpreted as the highest diplomatic reception across the international circle. He happens to be the third world leader after France’s Emmanuel Macron and South Korea’s Yoon Suk Yeol to be bestowed with the honor which happens to be reserved only for the closest allies of the United States. PM Modi’s visit is succeeded by a short trip from the US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to India to reflect on the deliverables.

Pm modi in us
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PM Modi US visit – Tour Itenary

Modi, on his 3-day visit to the US, is set to address the joint session of the US Congress apart from meeting business leaders and Indian ex-pats followed by a state dinner with President Joe Biden. The US Senate and the House of Representatives have invited Modi to address the joint session which happens to be the 2nd one for PM Modi during his tenure in office.

The session is of utmost importance as pointed out by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar since only a coveted few has had the privilege to do so, after Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. Leading a Yoga event at the UN building on World Yoga Day on 21st June is also a part of the itinerary. “People from all walks of life including Members of Congress, thought leaders and others have been sharing their enthusiasm on my upcoming USA visit,” PM Modi has tweeted. “I thank them for their kind words. Such diverse support underlines the depth of the India-USA relationship,” the tweet read.

PM Modi US visit – Deal to watch out for

It is hoped by quite a few that General Electric (GE) might be manufacturing a state-of-the-art GE-F414 jet engine for India as a part of the agreement between them and HAL. The said engine empowers the most sought-after fighter jet for the US, the F/A -18 Hornet. Jet engine technology is widely considered the holy grail of aviation technology and a manufacturing unit will be transformational for Indian airspace. The US has never allowed the transfer of this level of technology to anyone.

However, a few challenges that might be encountered by Modi on this US visit would be the closeness to Russia recently in relation to the ongoing war in Ukraine.


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