Pathan movie review marks “ The Return of the King”

The movie marks the return of Shahrukh “King” Khan into mainfold after a gap of almost 4 years. His previous Republic Day outings like “Main Hoon Na” or “ Dilwale”, had been a phenomenal success but maybe, just maybe things might not be looking as bright this time. Pathan movie review by critics and enthusiasts points out that there is a lot of scope for improvement, especially the content, which is the heart of any movie, including typical Bollywood celebrity news.

Pathan movie review
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Pathan movie review: The storyline or the lack of it

Quite a few factors contribute to this cause, foremost being the age factor. No matter how much one tries to cover the age chemicals or with the help of technology, the superstar seems to be growing old and its very evident on screen. Secondly, the storyline of the movie, rather the lack of it, doesn’t really appeal to the masses, no matter how much action it’s moulded with. The core or the heart of a movie always lies in its narrative, which makes it worth telling. Hence, the absence of in this case, the disappearance of a plot makes it predictable like chalk and cheese. Not able to engage the audience with its content is one of the biggest negatives this latest bollywood news movie can be crowned with.

Lead actors put up a show

However, credit should definitely be given to all the 3 lead cast of the movie namely, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and last, but by no means the least, John Abraham. Even if he has been casted in an antagonist role, John has been a revelation in this movie. Shahrukh too with his moves and peppy dialogues did try his best to put forward an entertainer of sorts, but fails miserably. Deepika too is at her ravishing best as always.Storylines that include showing the ISI in good light , trying to help the Indian intelligence and RAW agents turning rouge just because they have been wronged, is too cliched. Modern movie buffs don’t really go for that any more.

To conclude, the Pathan movie review is an entertainer, only if watched through eyes and the heart, not with the brains.

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