Nuclear Bomb Damage at NATO Air Base alarms the world

The B61 Nuclear Bomb damage at the NATO Air Base raised concerns among the group of scientists as the Pentagon issued clarifications to the media houses. The press release from Pentagon follows the report published by the Federation of American Scientists that included a photo of the US Nuclear Bomb that was stationed in the Dutch Air Base of Volkel, which appears to be damaged.

Nuclear Bomb damage
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Nuclear Bomb damage details

Details emerging through the latest updates over the B61 Nuclear Bomb damage reveal that American Scientists are trying to ascertain the level of damage done to the weapon. Based on the image, the rear of the bomb seems to have been twisted due to an impact, and one of the tail fins is absent. A pink adhesive tape is placed over what appears to be a hole. The report mentioned that the image was displayed during a presentation intended for student job applicants at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a nuclear weapons facility in New Mexico.

Nuclear Bomb damage – FAS confirms the status

A Federation of American Scientists (FAS) blog by Hans Kristensen, the director of the FAS nuclear information project, said it was unclear whether it was a real bomb or a training model. The US air force in Europe and LANL would not comment on the photograph, but on Monday, after the publication of Kristensen’s blog, the Pentagon said it was a dummy weapon being used as part of a training drill. “At every military facility, we have a response team that has to train together, and that is what this was, and the photo was put in a recruitment manual,” Oscar Seára, a Pentagon spokesperson, said.

A spokesperson for the US air force in Europe would not comment directly on the photograph but said: “The US maintains the highest level of standards for personnel and equipment supporting the strategic arsenal, which includes routine training, maintenance and security activities, to safeguard America’s critical capabilities.


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