Maria Telkes: Google Doodle’s Tribute To ‘The Sun Queen’

Does the new Google doodle fascinate you? In doing so, it honors the life of Dr.Maria Telkes, who was one of the early innovators in the area of solar energy. She was firm in the opinion that the Sun has the power to alter the course of human existence. She devoted her whole life to the investigation of these topics and the discoveries.

Who Was Maria Telkes?

Maria Telkes was a Hungarian scientist who was born on December 12th, 1900. Google Doodle is remarking today on her 122nd birth anniversary. As a result of her outstanding contributions to the industry, she is now often referred to as the Sun Queen. She is credited with being the first person to develop solar energy.  She was emphatic in her conviction that one’s life might be revolutionized by the sun.

Maria Telkes

We are able to make use of solar cookers and other technology that are fueled by the sun as a direct result of her innovations and extensive research into the topic of solar energy. Maria made a significant contribution to the war effort during World War II by inventing a water distiller that used solar energy to convert salt water to fresh water, therefore saving the lives of military veterans.

The Story Behind “The Sun Queen”?

In 1948, she worked with the architect Eleanor Raymond to develop a system that could use the sun’s rays to warm the walls of a building. Following this, she went on to construct such an oven, which is capable of running on solar energy. This solar oven is quite well known even in modern times. As a result of her innovations, she became known as ‘The Sun Queen’. Maria Telkes was presented the “The Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award” on this day, December 12, 1952. This award was given to honor her work in the field of engineering.

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