Lamb of God goes unsold even for Rs. 1 Cr for emotions

A Lamb Shepherd hailing from the Churu district of Rajasthan grabbed the headlines for refusing to sell his lamb even after he was offered Rs. 1 Crore by prospective buyers. The price quoted by the buyers went up to a whopping 1 Cr due to the Holy Inscription of “786” on its belly. The number has special significance in the Islam religion, which means “ Bismillahir-Rahman ir-Rahim” or in the name of Allah. The incident has created overwhelming publicity for Raju Singh, the shepherd not only in his village Taranagar but also in the neighboring villages as well.

Lamb of  God
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Lamb of  God for Millions – An expensive state of affairs

The owner of the Lamb of god, Raju Singh spoke to the news and media saying he was not aware of the significance of the Holy Inscription on the lamb and only after consulting a few Muslims, came to know about its significance. However, an offer of Rs. 1 Crore could not persuade him from selling the lamb to its prospective buyers.

Certain things money can’t buy

Refusing the offer of sale, Raju said that he is not ready to sell the lamb, irrespective of the money offered as it was very much close to his heart. Probably the best example of “ Money can’t buy everything” was demonstrated by him, landing him to the point of being famous for his refusal. “The male lamb was born last year, and today, people are bidding for it. People are even offering Rs 70 lakh and beyond for the lamb, but I am not ready to sell it,” the shepherd said.

After the incident, the shepherd started taking special care of the lamb, treating him with fruits like pomegranates, and papayas as well as green and leafy vegetables. He has also kept the lamb under strict vigil inside his house for security reasons.

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