India China News: Latest Updates on the Border Face-Off

India China news on the border dispute came on December 9. The Indian Army, on Monday, said that soldiers from the Indian and Chinese militaries battled along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh. The army has reported that there were very few casualties, both within the Indian and Chinese troops.The Army also proudly announced that Indian soldiers did put in their best to prevent the PLA from establishing any contact with the LAC in the recent face off that was reported in the Tawang sector on 9th December, 2022.

India China news

Report of Indian Army Troop on the Dispute

The Indian army reported withdrawal of troops of both the countries without any delay right after the face off. As a follow-up to the incident, the owning (Indian) commander in the region conducted a flag meeting with his counterpart to resolve the matter in line with organized protocols to restore peace, and this meeting was attended by both commanders. Neither the number of soldiers participating in the confrontation nor the number of casualties sustained in the event was reported by the Army. However, other India China news has reported that more than two hundred Chinese troops were engaged, and they were armed with spiked clubs and sticks. This suggests that the number of Chinese casualties could be larger than originally thought.

The reaction of Opposition to India China News

Meanwhile, Congress has been criticizing the Centre on the India China news, arguing that the Narendra Modi administration has to tackle the border issue in Parliament to gain the trust of the people. The opposition party also said Modi’s administration was covering up Beijing’s increasingly brazen behaviour on the border problem between India and China.

Mallikarjun Kharge of Congress stated in a tweet -The Chinese have once again provoked our Indian Army men. Our soldiers battled courageously, and a handful of them were also hurt. Pointing to the current govt, Kharge also said, we share the nation’s concerns about national security and do not want to have them politicized. To be effective, the Modi administration must be forthright about Chinese violations and construction at all locations along the LAC since April 2020. India and China’s ties have plummeted after the severe military confrontation in the Galwan Valley in June 2020.

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