Hit 2 Review: Does Adivi Sesh Successfully Make It To The Box Office?

With the popularity of “Hit,” the Telugu criminal thriller genre evolved. The success of the first “Hit” movie prompted the producers to turn it into a franchise, leading to the release of “Hit 2: Second Case.” Talking about Hit 2 review, the antagonist in “HIT: The Second Case” is passionate but not childish. The identity of the killer and KD’s success in locating him are major issues in Hit 2. The reception to Adivi Sesh’s latest film, HIT 2, has been lukewarm at best. Critics were split on Hit 2 review calling it an “excellent criminal thriller” and others saying it didn’t show anything new.

Hit 2 Review


Hit 2 Review: In Terms of Performance

If we talk about Hit 2 review in terms of performance, Adivi Sesh is a great choice to portray KD, a dapper and sassy police officer. The director intentionally gave the protagonist a complex set of characteristics, including bravery and vulnerability that prevent the role from coming across as heroic. Meenakshi plays a little, unimportant role. Meenakshi does fine in the few emotional passages that are required of her. Along with the main character, there are a few more recognizable actors. The cameo of Natural Star Nani is handled well. Rao Ramesh plays a stereotypical role and doesn’t go further than what we saw in the teaser. Suhas, who starred in last year’s breakout hit “Family Drama,” finally lands a leading role.

Story Plotting

Writer/director Dr. Sailesh Kolanu is back with his second film, Hit 2. Moving to Vizag, HIT’s (short for “Homicide Investigation Team”) second chapter takes place there. Director doesn’t waste any time getting to the core of the investigation drama after patiently setting its characters. KD (Adivi Sesh), as Krishna Dev, finds Sanjana’s dismembered body. He begins to investigate and discovers that different girls’ bodies are used to create the final product. Hit 2 is your standard investigative thriller, featuring all the usual suspects. It never rises above a mediocre level and never challenges any conventions. The actor is to blame since they fail to raise the stakes as much as the role calls for. S Manikandan’s stunning cinematography heightens the significance of each scene. Garry BH’s skilled editing never loses its momentum.

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