Health Tips for Smokers of the damage it makes on the body

It is widely believed that individuals who smoke tend to lose more than 10 years of their valuable lives due to their deadly habit. The reason for the loss of as many as 10 years of life can be contributed to the fact that they are prone to too-many life–threatening diseases that include cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well. Hence, Health Tips for Smokers would include quite a few tests that they need to undergo to ensure that their body is functioning well and they quit the deadly habit.

Health Tips for Smokers
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Health Tips for Smokers: How it affects the body

Several ways that smoking can affect the human body:

  • Reduction in HDL (High-Density Lipo-protein) cholesterol
  • A surge in blood pressure (increasing risk of heart attack and stroke)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low supply of oxygen to the heart and other tissues in the body (increasing risks for cardio and arterial disease, diabetes (mellitus and insipid us)
  • Occurrence of routine illnesses like cough and cold, especially in children exposed to passive smoking
  • Poor lung function (ability to get enough oxygen) leading to asthma, bronchitis, or emphysema

Health Tips for Smokers: Medical Test

In order to ensure that there haven’t been any fatal effects on the body, every smoker should undergo the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Chest x-ray: This test is a must for every smoker can help the pathologists measure the damage that has happened to your lungs so far and suggest remedies accordingly.
  2. Spirometry: Spirometry is a specific kind of breathing test that should be done along with a chest X-ray and is generally done to gauge lung functioning, and therefore to rule out any possibility of lung cancer.
  3. Electrocardiogram: Substances such as carbon monoxide in tobacco bind with the hemoglobin in the RBC (Red blood cells) thereby preventing blood from entering your heart and hence making the individual susceptible to heart diseases.

All the above are just a few of the problems the human body is affected with as they expose themselves to the danger of smoking. These are a few normal Health Tips for Smokers, if the problem is more serious then we recommend you visit a specialist doctor for further solutions.

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