Florida Democrat Arrested while protesting on abortion law changes

Florida Democrat Arrested in Tallahassee for trespassing as they refused to leave the protest site on the abortion law changes. The Chair of the Democratic Party and Democratic state lawmakers faced arrest on these grounds while they were demonstrating against the bill, dealing with banning abortion after 6 weeks. This incident is currently in the news headlines because the law, which is in effect prohibits abortion after 15 weeks in the state of Florida.

Florida Democrat Arrested
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Florida Democrat Arrested – The Man Behind the Show

The Florida Democrat Arrested is in regard to the change of the abortion laws that has been initiated by the present Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis who wants the abortion law aligned with other States ruled by the Republicans. The Bill, if passed, will be a major accomplishment for DeSantis, who is also contesting the Presidential elections coming up next year. Gathering the Republican primary voters could actually pave the way for him during the upcoming elections, ahead of his adversaries.

The Democratic Party Chairperson Nikki Fried and the State Minority Leader Lauren Book were the Florida Democrat arrested while being a part of the small group who were seen protesting the move in the State Capitol building. Both of them have been charged with trespassing and misdemeanor and arrested.

Protestors Voice their concerns

Nikki Fried, the Florida Democrat arrested, had put across her concerns on Twitter earlier saying, Fried said: “We protest to honor the sacrifice of all the women who came before us and all the women who are coming after us. Women’s rights are human rights. And human rights must be inalienable.” Earlier, Lauren Book urged women in need of help to contact her office directly, saying on the Senate floor: “Please don’t take matters into your own hands. Do not put your safety at risk.

“No back-alley abortions. There are people and funds that will help you. No matter where you live, no matter how desperate of a situation you are in, no matter how helpless it may seem. I promise you are not alone. Call my office.”, commented Nikki Fried.


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